3-book-jackets-600The theme for the Spring 2014 Culture Showcase Speaker Series is 50 Years in the History of a Continent: Telling the Story of Africa at Ohio University.

The first presentation on this theme will focus on the major publishing program the Ohio University Press/Swallow Press has been engaged in for many years. The Libraries’ Africana Collection has also been an integral part of Ohio University’s role in contributing to African Studies at Ohio University. Our African Studies Araba Dawson-Andoh has also written an introductory guide on the subject of African Studies, which emphasizes the resources available in our collection.

Our first speaker for this semester is Gillian Berchowitz, the director of Ohio University Press and its Swallow Press imprint. For details about her presentation, see the Program Page.

Later on, in March, Dr.  Milton Ploghoft will make a presentation on the history of the African Studies Program at OU, especially the projects he directed in Botswana, Nigeria and Swaziland. Details will be forthcoming.