The Reading Room at the Mahn Center

The Mahn Center rare book collection contains over 46,000 volumes of books worthy of special care and preservation because of age, scarcity, association value, or other factors.

Below is a summary description of the Rare Book Collections.

  • The General Rare Book Collection contains early printed books, fine printing, private press books, and first or important editions of works in many subject areas, with primary strength in English and American Literature
  • Author Collections comprise first and important later editions of such British and American writers as Alfred Tennyson, H.G. Wells, Rudyard Kipling, Henry Miller, and others.
  • The Ohioana Collection includes important works in the history of Ohio, concentrating on the southeastern portion of the state.
  • The Ohio University Faculty Authors Collection contains books by current and former members of the faculty and staff. Books published by OU-Athens faculty members since 1950 are listed by department or school.
  • The Edmund Blunden Collection is a personal library focused on British literature and arts and letters.
  • The Morgan Collection in the History of Chemistry comprises works by English and American chemists of the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • The Osteopathic Literature Collection contains basic early publications in this medical field.
  • The Textbook Collection is composed of 19th century American school textbooks, especially McGuffey readers and math titles.
  • The Travel Collection contains travel handbooks from the late 19th to mid-20th century for Europe and the world.
  • The Juvenile Literature Collection includes 19th and 20th century childrens’ literature, both individual items and many popular series.

Other subjects are British drama, the French Revolution, regional city directories, regional telephone directories, regional planning documents, and local newspaper clippings files.

For more information about the rare book collections or to discuss student or research use, please contact Special Collections Librarian Miriam Intrator.