Presentation for Kang & Hawthorne presentation

Dongjing Kang (PhD program, School of Communication Studies) and Sherica Hawthorne (MA program, International Development Studies)

“‘I Want to Change…’: Practicing Critical Pedagogy at the Ohio University Libraries”

Kang and Hawthorne explored Freire’s concept of critical pedagogy through a research project at Alden Library in fall 2013. Kang and Hawthorne installed poster boards on two floors of the library which asked students to finish the sentence “I want to change…” Read More.

Watch a recording of this presentation.





Flyer for Okamoto & Parsloe presentation

Kristen Okamato and Sarah Parsloe (PhD program, School of Communication Studies)

“Tales from the Field: Community-Based Research Within an Ethnographic Context”

Okamoto and Parsloe utilized ethnographic field-based research with underrepresented populations. Okamoto focused on a running group that sought to aid people without homes, while Parsloe performed research on an online community of people with Asperger syndrome. Read more.

Watch a recording of this presentation.






Flyer for Reetobrata Basu presentation

Reetobrata Basu (PhD program, Neuroscience)

“Conducting Research in Neuroscience: Humans to Worms and Back”

Basu discussed his research using the nematode model C. elegans (worm) to study an enzyme underlying many neurological disorders including depression, ADHD, and Parkinson’s disease. Read more.





Flyer for Bianca Sams presentation

Bianca Sams (MFA program, School of Theater)

“Research-Based Creative Writing”

Sams focused on her use of historical information and “found stories” to develop plays and enhance the creative writing process. Read more.







Flyer for Schlosser presentation

Katelyn Schlosser (Master of Child and Family Studies program)

“Snapshot!: Photographic Research Through a Child Life Lens”

Schlosser discussed her thesis research exploring the effects of chronic/terminal illness on hospitalized children through the first-person perspective of the children’s use of photography. Read more.






Poster from Wallace's GRS presentation

Ben Wallace (MA program, Department of History)

“Microfilm and Megabytes: Integrating Digital and Analog Sources”

Wallace spoke about his archival research into the American Committee on East-West Accord (ACEWA), a public education organization begun under Richard Nixon. Read more.







Kelly Kathleen Ferguson Graduate Research Series flyer

 Kelly Kathleen Ferguson (PhD program, Department of English)

“My Life as Laura”

Ferguson presented on her recently-published memoir, My Life as Laura, in which she explores the historical journey of Laura English Wilder. Read more.