Government agencies, Universities, and others are providing repositories to download and/or upload data. Repositories can help you with your research by

  • Providing wider and faster dissemination of your data,
  • Allowing you to find who is doing similar research so you can make new contacts for future collaboration,
  • Avoiding duplicating research that has already been done, and
  • Improving the quality of your research by incorporating data you were not aware of.

Select Data Repositories






Health Sciences

For other data repositories

Databib – a listing of data repositories for agriculture, area, ethnic and gender studies, biological sciences, business, ecosystem sciences, education, environmental sciences, geosciences, health and medical sciences, mathematics and physical science, philosophy and religion, social sciences, and more.

Open Access Directory: Data Repositories – a listing of data repositories for astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, energy, environmental sciences, geology, medicine, physics, and more.