Here’s a sample of a trade publication. Every profession has at least a few publications of this type. They are not scholarly journals: they don’t contain research by experts. Nor are they popular magazines aimed at a general audience.
This particular article comes from BioCycle, Dec 2007, Vol. 48 Issue 12, p34-37.

First Page of an ArticleSample article from trade publication

Publication Information: Trade publications are aimed at practitioners in a particular trade or industry. In addition to news and “how-to” articles, they will often contain announcements, want ads, and other information of interest to people in the field.

Authors’ name and affiliation: The author’s name is given, but there’s no way to tell what his or  her background or affiliation is. Many trade publication articles are written by staff writers or freelancers, not subject experts. Some lack author names altogether.

General appearance: Layout and design will often be more like popular magazines than academic journals. Illustrations and advertisements, often in color, are common (although not seen in this example).

End of an ArticleEnd of sample article from trade publication

The end of the article: No further information about the author, nor references to other sources of information.

Finding Information about this PeriodicalInformation about a trade publication

Do a little sleuthing: If you’re not sure what kind of publication you’re dealing with, in Academic Search Compete at least, you can click on the name of the periodical and bring up an information screen about it. This screen confirms that BioCycle is a Trade Publication.