Vended Printing


Printing in Alden Library using a Library Copy/Vended Printing Card is the only option for non-students. Library Copy Card dispensing machines are located on the 2nd and 4th floors of Alden Library.  Vended print stations are located on the 2nd, 4th and 5th floors.

Where did you print your documents?  Retrieve your documents from…
7th, 6th or 5th floor Vended Workstation on the 5th floor
3rd or 4th floor Vended Workstation on the 4th floor
1st or 2nd floor

Vended Workstation or Vended Color Workstation on the 2nd floor



The Library Copy/Vended Printing Card cost is $1.00.  (card costs 75¢ with 25¢ value on card) Additional value can be added to the card on a machine mounted on the wall next to the Library Copy Card dispensing machine.

Vended Printing Costs

  • 7¢ per page for 8½ x 11 Black-and-White
  • 25¢ per page for 8½ x 11 Color
  • 50¢ per page for 11 x 17 Color