CountryWatch is a great resource for international business, giving you a quick overview of the political, economic, and social issues in countries around the world. Connect to:  CountryWatch  Format:  Subscription database Access :  All Ohio University Campuses Provides country specific … Continued

Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau

The The CableTelevision Advertising Bureau (CAB) is ‘dedicated to providing advertisers and agencies with the most current, complete and actionable Cable television media insights at the national, DMA and local levels.’ Connect to:  Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau Format:  Free website The … Continued

Tips for Innovation Engine Accelerator researchers

During summer 2013, six teams are participating in  the Innovation Engine Accelerator Program.  I had a wonderful opportunity to spend an hour with them showing them several resources they might use for their projects.  Because the six projects are all … Continued

SASM 3120 Sports Governance and Ethics resources

  The Sports Ethics and Governance class focuses on governance structures in sport (e.g., professional, collegiate, youth, and Olympic), policy issues (e.g., hiring policies, eligibility issues, rules compliance), as well as sportsmanship and ethical decision-making.  I’ve put together a list of … Continued

Business Culture & Etiquette in Italy resources

The Ohio University Global Consulting Program is going to Italy, and they need to brush up on some business customs, etiquette, culture, negotiations, and more.  Some key resources covering those topics can be found below. Some suggested search terms for … Continued

Where can I find articles in the Harvard Business Review?

Ohio University Libraries has access to Harvard Business Review via our subscription to Business Source Complete. Connect to:  Harvard Business Review  Access:  All Ohio University Campuses Note:  Professors and instructors wishing to use Harvard Business Review Articles in their classes … Continued