International Directory of Company Histories

A valuable source for company histories

If you’re looking for a history of a company, most times you’ll simply turn to a company’s website.  However, if you want a great 3-5 page company history with less bias and bull, take a look at the International Directory of Company Histories.

  • Format:  Reference Book (over 90 volumes)
  • Location:  Alden 2nd Floor Reference HD2713 I56 1988x
  • Link to International Directory of Company Histories in the ALICE Online Catalog
  • This multi-volume set provides detailed information on the historical development of the world’s most important companies.
  • Most companies chosen for inclusion “have achieved a minimum of US$25 million in annual sales and are leading influences in their industries or geographical locations.” (Preface to Vol. 60)
  • Each volume includes a cumulative index to all companies mentioned in that volume and all previous volumes in the set.
  • An extremely valuable source for company history information.