Mediamark Reporter

Click to Connect to Mediamark Reporter
  • Connect to: Mediamark ReporterSubscription Database
  • Access Info: Athens Campus Only
  • Contains demographic information about users of specific consumer products including: what they use, income and educational level, what types of media they use, and more.
  • Note: This database requires users to create a personal profile. Please use your OHIO email address. This database also does not work with Google Chrome.

Using and interpreting Mediamark Data

The Mediamark data can be a little confusing to look at in the beginning.  Here is a brief guide to reading a Mediamark Reporter report.

The University of California Berkeley also has a guide to using MediaMark Reporter. While some of the information only pertains to UCB students, the guide offers some pretty good information for using the database. If you are an Ohio University faculty, staff, or student, you will need to log in to MediaMark Reporter here, as opposed to using the login link that the UCB guide provides.