Tips for OPIE students about industry research

This week I have the pleasure of meeting with some OPIE students are doing some really interesting (yet perhaps difficult) industry research.  One group is researching the convenience store industry, with specific focus on Asian international students, while the other is looking a industry information on karaoke clubs.  Because these are such niche (specific) markets, we do not have access to any reports specifically on those areas.  However, our databases do have some good content that can still be used for these projects.  All of the tips on this pager are demonstrated in the video at the bottom of this page.


IbisWorld does not have anything specific to karaoke or Asian convenience stores. However, those working on the karaoke project should do a search in IbisWorld for “nightclubs” to get some good related information.  The convenience store group should do a search for “convenience stores” to get a really nice report on that market.

Mintel Oxygen

A search in Mintel Oxygen  for “Asian” yields some reports about ethnic foods which could be useful.  A search for “bars” or “nightclubs” will also find some very nice reports.  Finally, a search for “convenience stores” also finds some very useful reports.

Passport GMID

Passport GMID can be really useful for the convenience stores group.  A search for “convenience stores” yield some really good information, including information from Japan, Taiwan, and more.  Unfortunately, there is not much there for the karaoke information, but the Consumer Lifestyle reports can be very useful in looking at eating, drinking, and entertainment habits.

Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete has lots  of really good articles for both karaoke and convenience stores.  See the video below for more thorough search tips.

Academic Search Complete

Academic Search Complete (direct link) is also a good place to look for articles, especially about karaoke.


The video below demonstrates all of the resources mentioned above.