Video and Game Rental Industry Guide


The purpose of this guide is to point business researchers to some key resources when researching the DVD, Game, and Video Rental Industry. This guide will not cover every single resource in the Industry Research Basics guide, but will simply highlight some resources that you might definitely want to take a look at. For a more thorough industry analysis, I suggest you look at most of the resources discussed in the Industry Research Basics guide.


IBISWorld offers several relevant reports on the topic. A search for dvd rental in the database yields reports such as ” DVD, Game & Video Rental in the US – 53223″.

Plunkett Research Online

Plunkett Research Online has some useful statistics on the video rental industry. Once the database is open, browse to the “Entertainment & Media Industry Research Center” and then select either “Market Trends” or “Statistics”.

Plunkett Research Video

Plunkett Research on the iPhones, Movie Technologies, Video on Demand, DVDs

  • A very useful video on the movie industry can be found on the Business blog.
  • Video Summary: “Jack W. Plunkett of Plunkett Research, Ltd. introduces some of the new innovations in the entertainment industry. This is the part two in a two-part series overview of what new technologies will be keeping us entertained in the coming years. In this video Jack highlights the impact the iPhone, the advances in 3D technology in the film industry, and how video on demand, specifically Netflix is revolutionizing the way we view media.”

Encyclopedia of American Industries

The Encyclopedia of American Industries has a good amount of coverage on the Video Rental Industry.  Note: You will find the 2005 version and the 2008 version in the search results inside the encyclopedia. It is probably a good idea to use the most recent version. In this resource, try searching using the terms video and rental.

Mintel Oxygen

Mintel Oxygen contains market research reports on a variety of topics. A search on “video rental” in the database yields a nice report on Digital Entertainment: Streaming Video – US – January 2010. Note: Mintel requires a registration process before you can use it. Please use your OHIO email address when registering.

  • This video show you how to use Mintel for this industry

LexisNexis Academic

Use LexisNexis Academic to find the latest industry news and other news from major newspapers.


Use Factiva to find the latest industry news. Factiva is quite huge and can be overwhelming, as users often get too many results in their searches. I suggest you find terms to search along with your industry, such as “same-store sales”, “total revenues”, “outlook”, “forecast”, “trends”, etc.

  • The video below shows how to use Lexis and Factiva for researching this industry

Trade Publications

Trade Publications are written by people in a specific industry, for people in that specific industry, and as such are great resources to use when doing an industry analysis. I’d recommend looking at the following trade publications for the DVD, Game, and Video Rental Industry:

  • Video Business
    • Provides news & comment about for those who “sell & rent pre-recorded video products, & others involved in the marketing & sales of entertainment software.”
    • This source ceased publication in January 2010, but it should provide valuable insight up to that point in time.
  • New Media Age
    • “Covers the issues of publishing in the new media – Internet publishing, on-line databases, CD-ROM, video-on-demand – and all other ways there are of representing digital content or material.” (from Business Source Complete description).
  • Home Media Magazine
    • “Home Media Magazine is the premier home entertainment business publication, designed to inform, educate and facilitate communication among content owners, packaged and electronic distribution channels, and all other parties involved in the home entertainment marketplace. Through its weekly print and digital magazine, Web site and daily electronic newsletter, Home Media Magazine delivers news, analysis, market research, product reviews and marketing updates to give studio executives, retailers, distributors, technology providers, marketers and suppliers of ancillary products and services a one-stop resource to help grow their businesses and increase profits.”
    • Note: Ohio University Libraries does not have a subscription to this publication, so some content on the website may not be available for free.

Company Information

If you get to the point where you would like to do research on some of the companies in the industry, take a walk through the Company Research Basics guide. There you’ll find plenty of guidance, including screenshots, directions, and videos, to help you get to know your company better.