Music and Dance Library Entrance
The Music and Dance Library is on the 5th floor of Robert Glidden Hall

The Music and Dance Library is located in Robert Glidden Hall on the 5th floor. The collection reflects the course offerings and faculty interests in the Schools of Music, Dance, and Interdisciplinary Arts.

The library includes books and periodicals on Music and Dance, music scores, videos, and CDs, all of which are cataloged on ALICE and available for students, faculty, staff, and community members to check out.

The score collection is well balanced between research and practical application. There are the standard collected works, Denkmaler, and standard concert works, along with a strong solo and chamber music performing collection. The book collection emphasizes modern dance, music therapy, and music education.

The CD collection is very strong in Western Classical music, including extensive holdings in solo repertoire, chamber music, orchestral, and wind band performances. A vast quantity of jazz music in a wide variety of styles forms a significant percentage of our collection. World music is also well represented. 

The video collection includes music and dance performances, world music and dance, instrumental pedagogy, jazz, and other popular styles.