Maggie Boyd’s World: After Graduation

Ed note: This post concludes the series of blog posts by PACE students Karah Finan and Matt Wesley about Margaret Boyd, Ohio University’s first alumna. We thank them for their contributions! Tweeting the diary, along with occasional guest posts, will continue through the rest of this year. The end of senior year at college is an […]

Maggie Boyd’s World: Commencement

With graduation ceremonies just a short week away, many students are preparing for the next phase of their life with a mixture of excitement and apprehension, as was Maggie Boyd 139 years ago. On June 26th, 1873, Maggie made Ohio University history when she became the first female to graduate here. However before commencement ceremonies […]

Spring Culture Showcase Series & Authors @ Alden to show Diversity Through Music

On Thursday, May 24th, University Libraries, in association with Ohio University Press, will be hosting the second event in a series of Authors @ Alden. The event will feature Dr. Paschal Younge, author of Music and Dance Traditions of Ghana: History, Performance, and Teaching. Perhaps in no other aspect of our lives is diversity as […]

Alden’s Lynn Shostack Adaptive Technology Room Helps Students Succeed

Ohio University student Matt Burger has been blind since age four, despite this “disability,” Burger has been able to accomplish goals many said he could not do. Burger, a senior studying meteorology and mathematics, is also a frequent patron of the Lynn Shostack Adaptive Technology Room. The adaptive technology room, created through the Shostack endowment, […]

Maggie Boyd’s Word: Literary Societies

Students at Ohio University today join many clubs and extra-curricular activities on campus, including academic clubs, interest groups and advocacy groups. In Maggie Boyd’s time at the university in the 1870s, there were limited non-religious extra-curricular activities available to students, especially women. One of the few extracurricular activities available to students in the Victorian Era […]

Friends of the Libraries Book Sale May 17th-19th

The Friends of the Libraries of Ohio University will hold a book sale from May 17-18, 2012 in Alden Library’s 4th floor lounge. The hours are: Thursday, May 17th, 7-9 pm Friday, May 18th, 10-6 pm Saturday, May 19th, 10-4 pm “When you support the Friends, you are supporting all of Ohio University–every discipline, every student, […]

Maggie Boyd’s World: Friendships and Correspondence

Today’s Ohio University students often use text or social media to keep in touch with their friends and family back home. But more than 130 years ago, none of these modern luxuries existed, so how did Maggie Boyd socialize and communicate? Letter writing was one of Maggie’s main forms of communication with friends and family […]

Spring Term in Maggie Boyd’s World

Spring quarter to students today usually means warm weather, blowing off classes to go to Stroud’s run and “fest season.” Spring term was much different socially in Maggie Boyd’s time at Ohio University. She enjoyed tea, crochet and going to church events. In terms of classes, Maggie Boyd spent the spring of 1873 studying history, […]

Boyd Hall: Maggie’s Legacy

Ed note: This post continues our series about Margaret Boyd, Ohio University’s first alumna. Over the winter and spring quarters in 2012, we are tweeting entries from Boyd’s diary @MaggieBoyd1873, and PACE students Karah Finan and Matt Wesley are writing blog posts about Boyd’s life and legacy.   After Maggie’s death in 1905, Ohio University began […]

Religion in Maggie Boyd’s World

Ed note: This post continues our series on Margaret Boyd, Ohio University’s first alumna, whose daily senior year diary you can follow on Twitter @MaggieBoyd1873. Over winter and spring quarter, we’re discussing issues that come out of the diary on the Library News Blog. This week’s post, researched by PACE student in Digital Initiatives Matt […]