End of a Family Legacy for the Libraries

Approaching the end of her twenty-seven-year career, Lynette Brown feels a whirlwind of nostalgia. As senior library associate at Ohio University Libraries, the stacks in Brown’s memories are filled with the stories of people, happenings, and relationships that she encountered during her time with the Libraries. Brown first worked in the Libraries for six months […]

Senator Voinovich’s Web Archive Collections to Launch this Month

To digitally archive an individual’s entire senatorial and gubernatorial career may seem like a daunting task, but an Ohio-based trio has confronted that challenge in pursuit of a new venture. On November 15, 2012, a web-based archive of the first phase of materials from Senator George V. Voinovich’s collections will be launched. The Ohio University […]

Dr. William Condee Brings a Taste of Bali to the Libraries

On November 7, 2012, the Ohio University Libraries Diversity Committee will host the newest event in its Culture Showcase series. The title for this series is “Confessions of a Left-Handed Dalang: Adventures in Balinese Puppetry.” The Diversity Committee has hosted over 30 speakers since this series launched in 2008. Dr. William Condee, professor of theater, […]

Annual Friends of the Libraries Book Sale Returns in November

On November 8-10, 2012 the Ohio University Libraries is holding the Friends of the Libraries book sale on Alden Library’s fourth floor. The sale will be open: Thursday, November 8: 7-9 pm (Presale) Friday, November 9: 10-6 pm Saturday, November 10: 10-4 pm All items on sale are donations made to the Friends’ organization. Donor […]