Ohio Fellows Alumni Gather for Reunion and Revitalization

On Friday, April 27, 2012 Ohio Fellows Alumni gathered at the Vernon R. Alden Library for a fun-filled informal reunion weekend. The weekend activities included a celebration dinner with mentor, President Emeritus Vernon R. Alden, meetings to talk about their shared experience and even a bowling outing. The reunion fell on the kick-off weekend of […]

Graduate Student Ben Wallace Digitizes the Cold War

Students, faculty, staff, community members and Nixon enthusiasts filled the chairs on the forth floor of Alden Library Monday, May 15, 2012 as Ben Wallace, a master candidate in diplomatic  history,  spoke about his research on the American Committee on East-West Accord (ACEWA), a public education organization begun under Richard Nixon. Wallace was selected to […]

Celebrating 50 Years of Involvement with President Emeritus Vernon R. Alden

On May 11, 1962, thirty-eight-year-old Vernon R. Alden was inaugurated as the 15th president of Ohio University. This year, Ohio University Libraries is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Emeritus President Alden’s inauguration with events and accolades. The celebration will include art exhibits, and special anniversary dinners and events with esteemed guests such as President of […]

Flutter in for the “Beautiful Butterflies and Botanicals” Exhibit at Alden

Beautiful botanicals and butterflies are blossoming and flying onto the fifth floor of Alden Library! Starting April 15, 2012 the “Beautiful Butterflies and Botanicals” exhibit will be providing an informational look at the study of botany and butterflies throughout history in an eye-catching display of rare and beautifully illustrated texts. “[Butterflies and botanicals] complement each […]

Website Redesign Preview

Just in time for the spring fashion season, Ohio University Libraries is previewing its new websitedesign.  A team from the Libraries has been remodeling the website, making it more visually appealing and accessible. It comes complete with new tools, easy to navigate tabs and a brighter place to begin searching. The Libraries’ staff wants the […]

Graduate Student in Education Brings Cultural Insight to the Harris Collection

In 2011, the late Dr. Frederick Harris donated his repertoire of sumi-e and watercolor paintings and sketchbooks, as well as he and his wife’s personal collection of artifacts and that span hundreds of years of Japanese tradition to Ohio University Libraries. Processing of this collection, arranging, organizing and describing the artifacts, began soon after the […]

Ohio University Libraries Highlights Graduate Researchers

 Graduate students know, when they apply to OHIO, that their time will soon be filled with research. Thoughts of hours spent pouring over archives and performing literature reviews seem almost romantic as they pick a topic of study. But when it comes time to actually begin the research often students become utterly lost. Now, Ohio […]

Discover an Easier Way to Research

By Lena Chapin Discovery is the name, and searching is the game. Ohio University Libraries is updating, not Alden itself, but online. Now there will be no more fumbling through search sites or bumbling through links trying to find EBSCOhost. The Libraries’ new search engine, EBSCO Discovery, is sleeker and easier to manage. This single […]

LAMP Scholar Miguel Ruiz has a Passion for Library Science

By Lena Chapin Jose Miguel Ruiz began working in libraries at age 15, stacking books to save for his first car. Now, eight years and four library positions later, Miguel has chosen librarianship as a career path. Miguel spent the past month working with Ohio University Libraries as a LAMP scholar. The Library Information Science […]

Informal workshop on the Harris Collection to be held February 29

On Wednesday, February 29, 2011 Ohio University Libraries will host “Interpreting Visual Objects in the Harris Collection: Studio Practice, Art History, Linguistics, Ethnography,” a casual workshop on the Frederick Harris Collection. Dr. Harris was an internationally recognized master of sumi-e painting, a type of Japanese ink, in addition to working expertly in watercolor. A native […]