Mahn Center Introduces User Registration Form

The Mahn Center for Archives and Special Collections will begin using a User Registration Form on January 14, 2013, the first day of the Spring 2013 semester.  The front side of the form asks visitors to provide their name, affiliation, research interests, and signature; while the back side of the form states Mahn Center policies and […]

World War II and Women’s Fashions

Final days!  Come see a four-case exhibit on World War II Costume and Women’s Fashion on the 3rd Floor of Alden Library.  This exhibit, drawn from the Mary C. Doxsee Historical Costumes and Textile Collection of Ohio University, was curated by graduate student, Trina Gannon.  The exhibit contains a number of clothing pieces drawn from […]

Fred Harris’ Legacy

The late Fred Harris, an internationally recognized American painter and art collector, left a lasting impression on the Ohio University Libraries. Harris’ most recent donations, his sumi-e paintings and sketchbooks, will be on exhibit April 27th through December 2012 in the Frederick and Kazuko Harris Fine Arts Library on the third floor of Alden Library. […]