Resource of the Week: African Writer Series

Resource: African Writer Series Find out more about it: from Africana LibrarianĀ Araba Dawson-Andoh or in the African Studies subject guide. African Writer Series is a collection of African literature, which can be used by students and researchers in African Studies, International Studies, Interdisciplinary Arts and post-colonial writing. It contains full-text access to over 250 volumes […]

Resource of the Week: Biosis Previews

Resource: Biosis Previews Find out more about it: from Andrew Stuart or in the Biological Sciences subject guide. Biosis is a database containing over 5200 biology journals in addition to non-journal reports, reviews and meeting abstracts spanning all areas of biology. Biosis can be used by students to find basic biological research as well as […]

Libraries Staff Members Participate In and Give Back to Diversity Programs

Dumela! This is a greeting that comes from Botswana, but it means much more than “hello”. It is an affirmation that shows you believe in another person and see their potential. This message is taught at the Summer Institute for Diversity Education (SIDE) organized by Dr. Stephanie Sanders of the Ohio University Office for Diversity […]