OHIO Ranked in Top 100 Most Social Media Friendly Libraries

Between tweeting, pinning, posting, sharing, liking, and uploading, the Ohio University Libraries has earned a distinction that no other college or university has until this year. The Libraries’ and its staff are being celebrated for their commitment to listening, engaging and conversing with their audiences through social media after being ranked #33 on LibraryScienceList.com’s 100 […]

Janet Carleton and Doug McCabe Discuss Magaret Boyd on WOUB

Alden Library’s Curator of Manuscripts Doug McCabe recently spoke with Digital Initiatives Coordinator Janet Carleton about the life of Ohio University’s first alumna Margaret Boyd on WOUB. The discussion was part of WOUB’s Conversation’s From Studio B show in which volunteer hosts discuss issues of importance to the local community.  Boyd kept a diary during […]

Ohio University Libraries Pins History

“I’d Pin that,” is a phrase being uttered all around the nation as the new social media platform, Pinterest, gains addicts everywhere. “I’d pin that” is exactly what Digital Initiatives (DI) Coordinator Janet Carleton thought as she and her team delved further into the idea of bringing Ohio University’s first female graduate back to life through social media. […]

Maggie B’s World: What did Maggie wear to her graduation?

Guest post by Reference and Instruction Librarian Sherri Saines. Maggie is 28 in 1873, her graduation year. She was a young woman in the hoop skirt era–in which large, round, wire cages under ladies’ skirts held both the skirt–and other people–out away from the body like this image. The newer styles, just a few years […]

Maggie Boyd’s World: After Graduation

Ed note: This post concludes the series of blog posts by PACE students Karah Finan and Matt Wesley about Margaret Boyd, Ohio University’s first alumna. We thank them for their contributions! Tweeting the diary, along with occasional guest posts, will continue through the rest of this year. The end of senior year at college is an […]

Maggie Boyd’s World: Commencement

With graduation ceremonies just a short week away, many students are preparing for the next phase of their life with a mixture of excitement and apprehension, as was Maggie Boyd 139 years ago. On June 26th, 1873, Maggie made Ohio University history when she became the first female to graduate here. However before commencement ceremonies […]

Maggie Boyd’s Word: Literary Societies

Students at Ohio University today join many clubs and extra-curricular activities on campus, including academic clubs, interest groups and advocacy groups. In Maggie Boyd’s time at the university in the 1870s, there were limited non-religious extra-curricular activities available to students, especially women. One of the few extracurricular activities available to students in the Victorian Era […]