Is it possible to access the stacks or Faculty Commons when only the Learning Commons (2nd Floor) is open?

When the only the Learning Commons is open, the other floors of Alden are closed, and Learning Commons (2nd floor) staff are available, they will retrieve known items from other floors for you to check out. Take the title and call number for an available item to the Learning Commons (2nd floor) service desk.  

Also, Ohio University graduate students, HTC students or faculty may present their Ohio ID to the Learning Commons (2nd floor) staff for a stack pass in order to browse or work on other floors of Alden when only the Learning Commons (2nd floor) is open. Other students with special projects or needs can request limited access by contacting Kelly Broughton, Assistant Dean for Research and Education Services. Note that during breaks or holidays, there may be times when Learning Commons staff cannot page materials or provide access to other floors.