How do I find a permanent/persistent link to an article in PubMed/MEDLINE?

One thing to know, PubMed is a free database that anyone can use. It is ran by the National Library of Medicine and is a government-funded tool. So the link at the top of your screen when you are searching PubMed is, technically, a permanent link and includes the article’s PMID. A PMID is an identification number for the article within PubMed/Medline. Therefore anyone can get to the records in PubMed, but that doesn’t mean the articles themselves are free. So you want to ensure that you have OHIO Libraries’ Find It- Article Linker available to on the PubMed record so you can link to the full text.

To ensure access to the full text for users off-campus, paste the library proxy URL in front of the PubMed link.

The finished link for the article below, for example, would be:

PubMed PermaLink
Linking to articles in PubMed