How does the ALICE Catalog’s advanced periodical title search work?

Sample Periodical Title Searches
Use this kind of search when you know the exact titles of magazines, journals, newspapers, annuals, and other publications that are issued at regular intervals—online, print, and microform.

Do not use it for books published in a series; use a simple Title Search instead.

A magazine
  • Time
  • National Geographic
A scholarly journal
  • journal of canadian studies
  • arethusa
An newspaper
  • athens messenger
  • new york times
An annual
  • Advances in special education
  • annual review of anthropology

If you want to search multiple journals at the same time, ArticlesPlus or a subject database is the way to go. But what if you want to search one specific journal? This video will show you how to search for specific e-journals using ALICE, the library catalog.

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