Why did my document print with blank pages (missing areas, wrong layout…?)

For layout problems (such as printing in landscape when you wanted portrait), please check the settings in the application you printed from.

A common cause of documents printing incorrectly is printing directly from Blackboard or other web sites that don’t really support printing. If you’re trying to print a PDF, Word, PowerPoint or other document from inside Blackboard, save the file to your computer first. Then double click the saved file to open it in its normal application, and print from there. Even outside of Blackboard, PDF’s print most reliably when saved to your computer or opened in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader (not a web browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari).

If your document doesn’t print correctly via mobile printing, you may want to try printing it from a computer (you can install the Libraries printers on your own computer if you don’t want to use the Libraries’ computers).

If you need help getting a document to print correctly, visit any Libraries service desk.

Need a refund? Fill out the online Print Refund Request Form.