Why won’t the print release station accept my OHIO ID?

There are several possible reasons.

If you just got a new OHIO ID card less than one hour ago, your card may not yet be activated for printing.

If you’re using an OHIO ID card that you previously reported as lost or stolen, that card will have been deactivated to prevent others from using it to impersonate you or access your funds. You’ll need to use the replacement card you got when you reported your old card as lost or stolen, or visit Bobcat Depot to get a new card. In the meantime, typing your OHIO ID and password on the release station screen (instead of swiping your card) may work.

If you’re both a student and a faculty or staff member, your faculty or staff OHIO account is your default account. If you want to print using your student account instead, you can contact the OneCard Office to request that your accounts be linked.

If the machine just can’t seem to read your card, your card may be physically damaged. Try typing your OHIO ID and password on the touch screen instead of swiping, or visit Bobcat Depot to get your card replaced.

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