Alden Library offers many different types of computer software to help you with your academic tasks. Write your papers using Microsoft Word or Apple Pages; edit your photos with Adobe Photoshop and create audio/video projects with iMovie or Final Cut Pro, just to name a few.

Windows-based computers are located on all 7 floors of the library.

Apple iMacs are available in the Multimedia Center on the 2nd floor, on the 3rd floor and on the 1st floor in the Academic Advancement Center.

Below is a sampling of software that is available on our public computers.


Click on the name of each software program listed below. This link will connect you to the Safari Books Online database.

Safari Books Icon

With Safari Books Online, you can search for technology related books; specific chapters in technology books or software help videos. Topics include help with learning specific computer software/programs or to help you improve you technology related skills. You can also search for Safari Books Online from our home page under the Databases tab.


Photoshop Elements→ Create Digital Images

Flash → Create interactive websites

In-Design → Create Page Layouts

Adobe Acrobat Professional → Create PDF’s

Dreamweaver → Web Development

Photoshop → Create Digital Images

Fireworks→ Manage web images

Illustrator→ Create Visual Media


Math & Statistics

SAS→Analyze large datasets

SamplePower2→Find your best sample size for research

Pop Tools→Excel add-in for statistics

MatLab→Mathematical Analysis Software

SPSS→Statistical & Data Management

S-Plus→Data modeling & statistical analysis

Introductory Algebra→Learn Basic Algebra

Geometer’s Sketchpad→Formatting tools for mathematical notation & styled text

Additional Installed Software

AutoCAD→Coordinates-Based Drawing Tool

Google Earth→Virtual Globe & Map

Kurzweil 3000→Reading & Writing Tool for those with learning disabilities

Read & Write→Reading & Writing Tool for those with learning disabilities

Snipping Tool→Screen Capture Tool

Write-N-Cite→Assistance in writing citations