Alden Library has wireless connectivity for laptops, mobile devices and tablet computers for members of Ohio University.

For more information, see the University’s pages on wireless connectivity.


Visitors and Wireless Guest Accounts

Library staff can create Wireless Guest accounts to provide visitors with short term Internet access via the Ohio University wireless network. This can be good for someone who is a visiting researcher who has brought their own laptop. A visitor will need a sponsor (library staff member) to set the account up for them.  For information on creating a guest account, see the University’s page on creating a Guest Account.

  • A sponsor can have up to 5 active Guest Accounts.
  • Guest Accounts expire after 3 days, but may be extended for an additional 3 days.
  • To extend a Guest Account, click on the Manage Guest Accounts button.
  • Guest Accounts must be activated before they can be used. Your guest can activate their account by following a link on the Wireless Login page.
  • To retrieve the temporary password for a guest account that has not been activated, click on the Manage Guest Accounts button.