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Quick Video Tip: How to create a custom crosstab variable in Simmons Oneview

Simmons Oneview enables researchers to find demographic information for a huge variety of consumer products, brands, interests, and activities. This video demonstrates how to quickly create a crosstab using a custom demographic variable.

5 Quick Tips for Researching the Beauty & Personal Care Industry

This video demonstrates how to find key industry, marketing, and consumer information for the Beauty & Personal Care industry, using essential resource such as Passport, WARC, Mintel, Business Source Complete, and Statista. Don’t limit your research to just one database; make sure you are casting a wide net in finding key information.

Guide to researching the beauty and personal care industry

picture of makeup pallette

My friends in the Summer Business Cluster are working on a research project that addresses the beauty and personal care industry. The resources found on this page should provide them with an excellent start to finding good information for the industry. … Continued


Click to Connect to Investext

Investext offers authoritative analyst reports for publicly-traded companies as well as industry analysis reports. … Continued

Pitch your idea at the Expo Pitch!

The Expo Pitch is a venue where students have either 3 or 8 minutes to pitch their business, product, or entrepreneurial idea.  All currently enrolled Ohio University Students are welcome to participate in the EXPO Pitch Competition, even if they are not already presenting at the Student EXPO. This year, the pitch competition will include two … Continued

How to research a company before you interview

Beyond the website

The purpose of this guide is to give job-hunters an information advantage before they interview.  This guide showcases a few key resources that will take your knowledge of a company or industry beyond what you can find on the company website or  through a basic Google search.  Knowing more about a company or industry helps you to … Continued

How to find Global travel/lodging industry information in Passport

This video demonstrates how to find global lodging and travel industry reports and analysis using the Passport database from Euromonitor.

Guide to researching the lodging industry

About The purpose of this guide is to point business researchers to some key resources when researching the lodging industry. This guide contains several of the key and highly recommended resources when analyzing the industry and researching the companies in the industry. I’ve listed the databases and resources below, with recommendations on how to find … Continued

Guide to researching consumer foodservice and restaurant business opportunities

selfie in Gran Ranchero restaurant

About My friends in the Ohio University Business Cluster are working to create a business concept in the foodservice or restaurant  industry, and assess the feasibility of the concept.  The guide points business researchers to some key resources when researching information about their industry, target customers, competitors,  and the local market. I have listed the databases and … Continued

How to find restaurant customers by brand and location in SimplyMap

This video demonstrates how to find customers of a specific restaurant brand by location. You can use this data to better understand where you could feasibly open a new (or similar) restaurant based upon consumer demand. The video also demonstrates how to find the addresses of restaurant locations within the specific market region.

Understanding Demographics of Restaurant Consumers with Simmons Oneview

This video demonstrates how to use Simmons Oneview to gather an understanding of customers of specific restaurant brands. The data includes household income, race, ethnicity, education level, gender, and more. Simmons is an idea resource when trying to identify your target consumer of a particular product or brand.

How to find new companies – by location, industry and size – with Mergent Intellect

I recently had a researcher looking to make a list of small companies with 7 or less years of operation, less than 75 employees, that are located in specific Ohio counties, that operate in specific industries.  This video shows you how to find that information using Mergent Intellect.

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