Sports Marketing Plan Resources (SASM 3010)

The purpose of this guide is to help researchers find the best information possible to create a sports marketing plan. The students in Dr. Ridpath’s class are charged with developing a marketing plan in order to bring a new professional sports franchise to a new city. … Continued

Guide to conducting a feasibility analysis of a noodle restaurant

About My friends in the business cluster (about 250 of them!) are currently charged with investigating and researching the potential success of a fusion noodle restaurant in Parkersburg, West Virginia.  The restaurant would “offer traditional Asian influenced noodle dishes (Singapore Noodles, Pad Thai, Lo Mein, Vietnamese Crunchy Noodles,  Indonesian Fried Noodles, Pho), traditional Italian pasta … Continued

Management 2000 Company & Industry Analysis Resources

This page contains resources and tips for Management 2000 students.  The students have to analyze an assigned publicly-traded company and the industry in which it belongs..  While not meant to be a comprehensive list, the suggestions offered here will get them well on their way. While a full suite of company information resources can be … Continued

Home Improvement Retailing Industry Guide

About The purpose of this guide is to point business researchers to some key resources when researching the home retailing industry. While not entirely comprehensive, this guide does list several of the key and highly recommended resources when analyzing the industry and researching the companies in the industry.  I’ve listed the databases and resources below, … Continued

Restaurant Industry Research Guide

About This guide contains a list of databases and other tools that are useful in researching the Restaurant Industry. The guide is not meant to be comprehensive, but it will point researchers to some of the best resources available for this topic. The guide covers both industry and marketing resources, as well as points to … Continued

Plunkett Research on the iPhones, Movie Technologies, Video on Demand, DVDs

The video below is very relevant to the movie and game rental industry that the business clusters are researching right now. For other relevant information on the movie rental industry, check out the Video and Game Rental Industry Guide. “Jack W. Plunkett of Plunkett Research, Ltd. introduces some of the new innovations in the entertainment … Continued

Chad’s Top 10 Things for BA 100 Students

Chad’s Top 10 Things for BA 100 Students

I’m talking to the BA 100 classes this week. I’ll be giving an overview of some of the library resources and services. The powerpoint below is my outline for the sessions. Chad’s Top 10 for BA 100

Book store employees average salary data

Book store employees average salary data

This morning I got a question via IM.  The patron needed to know statistics or figures about the wages/salaries of workers in the retail industry.  The first place I thought of was the Bureau of Labor Statistcs.  As it turns out, they have data on a variety of retail sectors, but I knew that the … Continued

Community Theater Associations

Community Theater Associations

Ohio Community Theater Association “OCTA is a service organization for more than 100 community theatres in Ohio and adjacent areas of bordering states. Since its formation in 1953, it has grown to be one of the largest and most successful organizations of its kind. With its funding from the Ohio Arts Council, donations, dues and … Continued