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Company Research Databases

Looking for company information? This page contains the best databases for performing company research. You might also want to use Business Source Complete for articles about your company and other related topics.

Business Source Complete

Click to go to Business Source Complete

I often refer to Business Source Complete as the “Google of Business Information”. Regardless of your topic, Business Source Complete is bound to have something for you. It’s great for company and industry news, academic journals, trade publications, and much more.

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Datastream, an advanced economic and finance tool

Datastream is an advanced research tool thatcontains worldwide financial and economic data. It inncludes both current and historical data on equities, economic series, foreign exchange, interest rates, fixed income instruments, and derivatives.

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Click to go to Factiva

Factiva is a very powerful database that can be used to find company, industry, and business news, as well as company profiles, stock prices, and more.

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Hoover’s Online

Click to go to Hoover's

An excellent source for comprehensive company profiles for public companies. Includes some private company information.

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LexisNexis Academic

Click to Connect to LexisNexis Academic

LexisNexis is a great source for company or industry news, company profiles, legal cases, financials, family trees, accounting publications, law journals, and more.

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Mergent Intellect

Connect to Mergent Intellect

An excellent source to find companies and competitors by user-defined search criteria, such as size, location, industry, sales, and more. Connect to:  Mergent Intellect  Access Info:  All Ohio University Campuses Use Mergent Intellect to create lists of companies by user-defined … Continued

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Mergent Online

Click to Connect to Mergent Online

Mergent Online offer extensive company financials, filings, equity and industry reports, and much more. Information can be screened, selected, and downloaded.

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Morningstar Investment Research Center

Click to connect to Morningstar

During Spring Semester 2015, we are fortunate to have a trial to Morningstar Investment Research Center, an “all-inclusive investment research database designed specifically for libraries.”

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Click to Connect to OneSource

OneSource is an excellent database for company profiles, industry and market research reports, SWOT analyses, analyst reports, and more.

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Plunkett Research Online

Click to connect to Plunkett Research Online

Plunkett Research Online offers annually updated industry overviews, one-page company profiles, associations, company contacts, and more. A good resource for general company and industry research.

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Click to Connect to PrivCo

PrivCo is a source for business and financial research on non-publicly traded corporations, including family-owned, private equity-owned, venture-backed and international unlisted companies. It has profiles for over 850,000 firms, 20,000 investors and 100,000 private market deals

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Research Insight (Compustat)

Research Insight is available on all PCs in Alden Library

Note:  Research Insight  will discontinue in April. We still have access through then, but note that we’ve had a hard time getting it to work on all library computers. Due to the time until cancellation, we will not be fixing … Continued

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Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage

Click to Connect to NetAdvantage

Provides online access to a variety of company, industry, and country reports, including Standard and Poor’s Stock Reports, EDGAR filings, Standard and Poor’s Industry Surveys, and much more.

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Click to Connect to Statista

Statista is an excellent source of business, economic, political, social, and historical statistics. It is a great place to simply search for you topic to find loads of relevant and useful statistics.

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