Import Genius

Click to Connect to Import Genius
Click to Connect to Import Genius

Import Genius is an enormous data set covering the activities of companies involved in international trade. The company collects and organizes hundreds of millions of shipping manifests and customs records from government agencies and private companies around the world.

  • Connect to:  Import GeniusSubscription Database  (only works on campus computers, no off-campus access)
  • Format:  Subscription Database
  • Access Info:  Athens Campus Only
  • Note:  Requires users to create a username and password before using
  • Use Import Genius to research private and public companies to find out what they import and export, learn who their trading partners are, analyze industry trends, and more.
  • Create visual maps of trading partners
  • Search by company or product to see import trends

Non-Ohio University researchers may visit to learn more about this service.


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