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Industry Research Databases

Looking for industry information? This page contains the best databases for performing industry research.


Click to Connect to Bizminer

Bizminer is a great resource when developing business plans, or for any sort of entrepreneurship initiatives where you need to measure peer performance in an industry. It includes industry financial ratios, failure rates of businesses, local industry market research statistics, and more.

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Business Source Complete

Click to go to Business Source Complete

I often refer to Business Source Complete as the “Google of Business Information”. Regardless of your topic, Business Source Complete is bound to have something for you. It’s great for company and industry news, academic journals, trade publications, and much more.

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Click to go to Factiva

Factiva is a very powerful database that can be used to find company, industry, and business news, as well as company profiles, stock prices, and more.

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First Research

Click to Connect to First Researech

First Research provides industry profiles on over 600 industry segments covering the competitive landscape, products, operations, technology finance, regulation, and more.

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IBISWorld Industry Market Research

Click to go to IBISWorld

IBISWorld contains in-depth, regularly updated industry reports for over 700 United States NAICS-classified industries that include analysis, forecast, ratios, market share, and more.

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Mergent Online

Click to Connect to Mergent Online

Mergent Online offer extensive company financials, filings, equity and industry reports, and much more. Information can be screened, selected, and downloaded.

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Mergent Online Industry Reports

How to access Mergent Online Industry Reports

The industry reports found in Mergent Online offer broad coverage of around 20 of the largest global industries, with coverage for North America, Europe, Asia, and global geographic areas.

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Click to Connect to OneSource

OneSource is an excellent database for company profiles, industry and market research reports, SWOT analyses, analyst reports, and more.

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Click to go to Passport GMID

Passport GMID offers comprehensive coverage of international consumer markets, consumer lifestyles in other countries, economic statistics, demographic forecasting, and more.

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Plunkett Research Online

Click to connect to Plunkett Research Online

Plunkett Research Online offers annually updated industry overviews, one-page company profiles, associations, company contacts, and more. A good resource for general company and industry research.

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Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage

Click to Connect to NetAdvantage

Provides online access to a variety of company, industry, and country reports, including Standard and Poor’s Stock Reports, EDGAR filings, Standard and Poor’s Industry Surveys, and much more.

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Standard and Poor’s Industry Surveys

Click to Connect to Industry Surveys

S&P Industry Surveys offer 30-50 page snapshots of over 50 U.S. industries, covering peer companies, industry trends, analysis, and much more.

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Click to Connect to Statista

Statista is an excellent source of business, economic, political, social, and historical statistics. It is a great place to simply search for you topic to find loads of relevant and useful statistics.

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