Research Insight (Compustat)

Research Insight is available on all PCs in Alden Library

Note:  Research Insight  will discontinue in April. We still have access through then, but note that we’ve had a hard time getting it to work on all library computers. Due to the time until cancellation, we will not be fixing the problems on library desktops. It is not used very often, and for most non-faculty users, it is overkill for their needs. Most student users will be perfectly happy with Mergent Online, which have very similar financial information. Faculty users can get the same Compusta data via  WRDS.   Please contact Chad with questions.




Research Insight is an incredibly advanced application that  gives you access to over 300 predefined company and industry reports, enabling you to save time and add depth to your analysis.

  • Format:  Desktop Application Database
  • Access:  Available on all PCs in Alden Library
  • Other access:  Faculty should contact Chad for access in their offices
  • Connect to:  Research Insight is available under the start menu on all Alden Library PCs
  • Support:  The Research Insight Support Site contains documentation and downloads.  The link usually works on the Athens Campus network.
  • Contains fundamental and market data for active and inactive companies that trade on a U.S. or Canadian Exchange. Annual, quarterly and monthly data is from 1979 forward.
  • This database contains time series data on over 11,000 actively-traded American and Canadian companies.
  • Up to 20 years of financial data are included for each company.
  • Also contains data for approximately 11,000 inactive U.S. companies.
  • Data are compiled from companies’ annual and quarterly shareholders’ reports, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 10K and 10Q reports, daily news services, and direct company contact.