Spring Term in Maggie Boyd’s World

Spring quarter to students today usually means warm weather, blowing off classes to go to Stroud’s run and “fest season.” Spring term was much different socially in Maggie Boyd’s time at Ohio University. She enjoyed tea, crochet and going to church events. In terms of classes, Maggie Boyd spent the spring of 1873 studying history, […]

University Archives Collections Reveal Student Life

Ed note: This winter and spring we’re tweeting the daily diary of Margaret Boyd(@MaggieBoyd1873), Ohio University’s first alumna. On the blog, we’ll be featuring posts describing the issues that Boyd discusses in her diary or that she would have encountered as a student in 1873.  This post is by Bill Kimok, University Archivist, and describes the wealth […]

Who Was Maggie B?

Ed note: Last week we began tweeting the daily diary of Margaret Boyd, Ohio University’s first alumna. PACE student employees Karah Finan and Matt Wesley will be writing blog posts about Boyd and the OU she knew in 1873 over the winter and spring quarters. This first post describes Finan’s experience first learning about Boyd […]