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How do I request a book from the Library Annex or regional campus?

ALICE Catalog contains many books that are located at the Library Annex or another regional campus library. In either case, use the “Request Annex or Intercampus” button in the ALICE Catalog record (the view after clicking on the title) to have the item sent to Alden Library. This video shows you how to make a […]


How do I find a textbook for my class?

While the OU Libraries do not own a copy of all books required for classes, your book may be on reserve, available on the shelf, available as an e-book or available through OhioLINK.  This video will show you how to search for a copy of the book you need. Check the text directions below for […]


How Do I Find the Librarian or Subject Guide for my Major or Department

There is an Ohio University subject librarian for each department who can help you find research sources in that area. These librarians have also put together Subject and Course guides that contain links to suggested research sources for each major or department. This video shows you how to find a librarian or subject guide specific […]


How do I Request a Book Through OhioLINK?

If an item you want is not available in ALICE Catalog, use the Search OhioLINK button to find the item in the OhioLINK catalog and the Request button to send the request. Alternatively, you can directly search the OhioLINK catalog and use the Request button to get items. For additional information, see OhioLINK Borrowing. If […]


How do I Find a Book in Alden Library?

This video shows you how to find a book in ALICE, then how to go find it on the shelf in Alden Library. If you already have the call number in hand, the video below walks you through finding the book in the stacks.  If you are unable to view this video, try accessing the […]


How Do I Find a Book When I Have a Title?

If you know the title of the book you need, you can search by that title in ALICE, the library catalog. This video also shows you how to request the book from OhioLINK if it’s not available from the Ohio University Libraries. If you are unable to view this video, try accessing the video from […]


What does “non-circ” mean? “OhioU use only”?

When an item has a status of “non-circ,” it means that the item cannot be checked out and does not leave the library building.  Such items are generally key reference books like dictionaries and encyclopedias.  Items in Archives and Special Collections are often marked “non-circ” and must be used in the Mahn Center. When the […]


How do I access Course Reserves for my class?

Professors and instructors will often place items on “reserve” at the library.  These reserve items can be either print (hard copy) or online (pdf) files.  To find items for your class, search by class or instructor.


How do I find Ohio University theses and dissertations?

Searching in ALICE By Author or Title: When you know the author or dissertation/thesis title you want, do an Author search or a Title search on ALICE. By Subject or Keyword: You can also search ALICE by subject or keyword. Limit the search by Material Type and then choose THESES/DISSERT, as in this example:  By Department: You can also browse a […]


How do I find audiobooks?

The Libraries have around 3,000 audiobook titles in the collection. They are in a variety of formats: cassette tape, compact disc, and MP3 disc. Types of recordings include non-fiction, novels, plays, poems, etc. Most of these are English-language recordings, although there are more than 100 recordings—mostly language lessons—in other languages. The picture below shows the […]